WiFi for Retail: Encourage Loitering

Loitering can lead to good things, like a passerby pausing to become a customer.

By offering WiFi with Logic Hotspot you not only provide an amenity that keeps customers lingering, you provide access through your gateway.

Announce specials, upcoming sales, or simply emphasize your message and branding. You'll be able to update your gateway quickly and easily through your Logic Hotspot cloud account

stethoscope with mobile phone

WiFi mitigates waiting room boredom and frustration


  • Create a consistent experience for your guest that highlights your brand.
  • Control content on login page, e.g. publicize happy hour, upcoming events, in-hotel restaurant.
  • Direct guests to your homepage after sign in.
  • Grant passwords (optional) - and change as often as you like.
  • Separate guest and management networks.