Java and WiFi

Cafes and coffee shops are destination spots for mobile device users, expecting free Wifi.

Businesses that embrace this amenity enjoy a reputation as a comfortable place to socialize AND work, which helps to keep revenue brisk during traditionally slow hours.

Remain competitive and fill seats by offering free WiFi with LogicHotspot.

Setup is fast and easy. Our product has been designed to be Plug & Play - you can do it yourself or we'll arrange for a specialist to set it up. The compact router system hides under the counter and that’s it: nothing to maintain, nothing to worry about - but just in case there is a 24-hour help line to assist.

woman in cafe


  • In-bound marketing - they're your customers, send them your message!
  • Cultivate customer loyalty by providing a service they depend on.
  • Customize your login or landing page - announce offers, specials, upcoming events.
  • No risk - 30-day, money-back guarantee.
  • Eliminate "Man in the middle” threats.