WiFi: Your #1 Amenity

As a hotel operator, you know the amenities you offer critically influence whether guests stay with you.

It has become commonplace for people to take their work and electronic play with them on vacations. Today business and holiday travelers expect Internet access in your guest rooms, common areas, and conference centres - and they seek it out.

Supplying WiFi to your guests gives you an opportunity to brand your property with in-bound marketing. A lot of competitors charge for this service and push other companies' ads. These are your guests, send them your message.

94% of people cite WiFi as a hotel's most important amenity.

58% of travelers will not book a hotel without free WiFi.


  • Create a consistent experience for your guest that highlights your brand.
  • Control content on login page, e.g. publicize happy hour, upcoming events, in-hotel restaurant.
  • Direct guests to your homepage after sign in.
  • Grant passwords (optional) - and change as often as you like.
  • Separate guest and management networks.