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Attract more customers to your property by offering Free Wifi. Potential guests will be making this one of decisions on where to stay. It has become common place that more and more people are taking their work and electronic play with them on vacations.

Today business and holiday travelers now expect Internet access in your guest rooms, common areas, and conference centres…… and they will seek you out.

As a hotel operator, you need to stay ahead of the curve and offer the amenities your guests expect.

By supplying Wifi to your guests it gives you an opportunity to brand your property with in bound marketing. A lot of competitors charge for this service and push other companies ads, they are your guests, send them your message.


Business or pleasure make sure your clients can keep in touch...

Some key benefits are:

  • Shows control.
  • Create consistency in your organization with a unique experience that highlights your "brand”.
  • Control content on login page. Change the content on the login pages as often as required (through two wysiwygs, one for smartphones and one for laptops ).
  • Control portal page redirect.  You can decide where to send the client once they have clicked on the accept button. i.e. your facebook page.
  • Option to password protect access and to change the password as often as required.
  • Assign the length of time the user is allowed on the internet – 15 minutes to unlimited.
  • Manage the renewal time, which is the amount of time the user has to wait until they can login back on to the hotel’s network.
  • Manage bandwidth and download usage.
  • Statistics program.
  • ‘Terms of Use’ link on login pages.
  • Two networks, one for guests and one for management (WPS2 Personal protected).
  • Self Patching Unified Node system.
  • Single channel for smooth connections throughout the property.
  • Two wysiwyg programs to manage login page content.
  • Our engineers monitor the system and provide phone support 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week to respond to any difficulties.

Main Benefit - More customers, and more repeat customers.  It is estimated that over 60% of hotel guests will  make their decision on where to stay based upon reliable, FREE wifi.

All the above is managed through an easy to use Administrative back-end.

Where repeaters are required, self patching unified nodes will be uses (SPUN). In case one node goes down the others will compensate for it until that node has been fixed.

Pricing: to give an accurate quote we will need to know more about your operation, please fill out our contact form or call 1 877 818-1808 with more details. A representative will be in touch with you directly with in 24 hours.